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Transponder island is a one stop wholesale shop for the best keyless entry remotes, transponder keys and remotes, best quality locksmith supply, that you can't find anywhere else. We are the wholesale transponder suppliers and send across the material via shipping. At transponder island we deal in key shells, transponder chips, blank and remote keys.

There has been a vast change and development in the technology. It is because of this reason many high-tech gadgets are being invented to reduce the burden of work. Duplicate keys and remotes is one of the many examples. These are used by the car thief who break into your car and just flee away. Keeping such cases in mind, with the help of hi-tech methods we have developed transponder chips that provides your car full security. You must be perplexed as on how does this all work. Well, the transponder keys have a chip embedded inside the head of the key. It becomes literally impossible to start the car without this transponder chip, because until and unless the engine will not detect the chip, the car shall not start or move. if the engine is not receiving the signals from the chip inside the key, nobody can get away with your car. This prevents your car from being stolen making it safe and secured.

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